Miller University through its exceptional Remote Freelancer Program (RFP) provides FREE online courses to those suffering from homelessness or are soon to be homeless. These courses will help you build skills needed to say goodbye to homelessness. You’ll also have the opportunity to put your learning into practice.

For that, you’ll be required to select any one of the courses of your interest. The RFP online courses are categorized into four different categories.

  1. Business course — You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to start and effectively manage your own remote business.  The business you start will revolve around your passion and what you like to do. You’ll learn about all aspects of a successful business ranging from marketing and budgeting to general management and day-to-day operations.
  2. Tech course — In this course, the students will learn how to solve the computer and hardware-related problems and thus helping them become successful freelancers. Participants will be taught about troubleshooting computers’ hardware and software, fixing wifi and networking issues, IT project management, programming foundations, and many more. Graduates can go onto starting their own computer repair or IT-related businesses.
  3. Marketing course — The marketing course teaches the students to become competent and skilled marketers in the era of technology and digital marketing. The course will teach you comprehensive marketing knowledge ranging from basic skills to some advanced knowledge you’ll need to boost clients’ success. The topics will include SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, branding, creating a marketing plan, and so forth.
  4. Design course — The creative skills needed to accomplish various designing tasks will be learned through this course. You’ll learn how to design a great website, a stunning post, an attractive brochure, create a seamless user experience, kickstart your creativity, and so forth. Ultimately, you’ll use all the learned skills and knowledge to provide value to your clients and secure even more clients.

You can begin learning through these courses simply by signing up to our Remote Freelancer Program here. Once you sign up, you’ll hear back from us with a username and password to login to your learning portal where you’ll be able to access your chosen course.

Take a look at available courses or lectures from the Course Catalog now.