Introduction: Principles of Success at RFP

Remote Freelancer Program is the professional development program offered by the Miller University of The Joshua Wave. Homeless individuals from all types of backgrounds are welcomed at RFP however, everyone, working or studying, in this program requires to live by certain core principles that outline the culture as well as the success of students and the organization. 

Let’s take a look at the four core principles of our Remote Freelancer Program:

  • Patience – You must develop and live patiently both with us and your fellows. Similarly, we will display the same patience with you and other RFP team members..
  • Understanding – We’re here to help, and we want you to succeed. Therefore, we must be equally understanding of each other’s position in this program.
  • Respect – We must always put respect first, ensuring we don’t insult or offend anyone
  • Support – We must support each other throughout the program. That means receiving and responding to feedback. Remember, it’s a 2-way street.

These are the four principles of success at RFP that measure our performance and dedication to the program. Let’s take a pledge to live and learn with these basic principles while we stay at the Remote Freelancer Program.