PEBON – An Effective Tool to Solve Any Kind of Problem

PEBON –a project management and problem solving tool, stands for:

  • P → Purpose
  • E → Envision
  • B → Brainstorm
  • O → Organize
  • N → Next Actions

This tool is designed by The Trusty Businessman, as known as Joshua Aguirre, to help businesses and individuals solve any sort of problem using the technique template. So let’s dive into it to practice problem-solving using the PEBON method.

Purpose — Why Do I Need to Plan This?

This is the first step of the PEBON technique template that asks you to define the purpose of the plan you want to create. You can even understand it simply as the “Why Principle”. Most of the people when getting started with a new plan hold an unclear focus as of why they’re even doing it. This question helps you clear the clutter of thoughts going on in your head and know the reason behind creating this plan. 

Let’s say you want to solve a problem of designing a website hierarchy. You’ll start off with defining the purpose of your hierarchy which could be “ to clearly show what pages are on the website, where they go, and how they link together”.

Envision — How Does It Look?

The second step of the method is to visualize what the end product looks like. These are basically your inspiring ideas. The best way to get around it is to grab some examples from the Internet. You can Google search that particular thing and look into how other people created it. 

For instance, for the website hierarchy task, you’ll Google search website hierarchy images and Google will show you hundreds of thousands of such images from which you can choose one or more that resonate with your visualization.

Brainstorm — What Should be Included in the Planning?

This stage of the PEBON method is even called the “collection stage” where you put down all the ideas, thoughts, pieces of information, and data related to your plan and product. It’s always better to jot down everything without discriminating against ideas in your head because you’re going to brush off the unimportant or wrong information at a later stage.


  • Use for designing hierarchy.
  • Blog will have four different topics.
  • Blog tab should be a drop-down menu.
  • Differentiate between pages and tabs in the hierarchy image.
  • And so forth.

Organize — In What Order Should Things Be?

This second-last step of the method is where you decide which points from the Brainstorm sections should be kept and which ones to eliminate. When you have decided that, you’ll put the chosen points/aspects of the Brainstorm section in an order they fall. 


  • Use for designing hierarchy.
  • Differentiate between pages and tabs in the hierarchy image.
  • Blog tab should be a drop-down menu.
  • And so forth.

Next Actions — What Steps Need to be Taken to Build on the Plan?

This is the last and the most important and hard part of the entire PEBON method. This is where you define the succeeding steps and actions needed to be taken to ensure that your task / project gets accomplished successfully. The number of next actions could be as many as needed.

For instance, you may define a next action for website hierarchy to be:

  • Create the pages shown in the hierarchy in WordPress website
  • Add content to each page
  • And so forth.

So this is how PEBON (Purpose – Envision – Brainstorm – Organize – Next Actions) works in defining and solving your problem. Good luck with the PEBON assignment. Happy working!

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