sponsorship volunteer program

If your are someone who loves to help others, uplift individuals, and see lives transforming, then become a part of this mission by volunteering or sponsoring now.

Our Sponsorship Volunteer Program sets the stage for supporting the RFP applicants to become fully self-sufficient. The key players in this program are the sponsors and volunteers who make it possible for people experiencing homelessness to get back on their feet. The program is built around the following objectives:

  To have paid RFP Support Volunteers on our team to work with RFP applicants.

  To allow sponsors to purchase business items for an individual (RFP participant) from the Gift Catalog.

  To provide Advanced Trainings (AI, Quantum Computing, Machine-Learning, VR, and AR) to the RFP applicants.

  To provide Advance Business Development (Startup Training & Planning) to the RFP applicants.

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